Hi all,

Working as a consultant from Canada, over the past two and a half years, I have been programming in OScommerce exclusively. If you require any work, from custom programming to template or layout customizations, or whatever in OScommerce feel free to contact me at

pmcgrath )at( systemsmanager dot net

I have lots of references and examples of past work. I specialize in mutli site/store systems and give away a beta mall system at www.systemsmanager.net. It can be downloaded for free on my site for members who create accounts.

Currently, I am in the middle of upgrading it, as well, I am always looking for knowledgable PHP programmers who are interested in Open Source Code work (not paid).

I am still looking for a programmer or two to partner up with on this open source project. Right now it is a beta project, which I released, and is under-going a major revision.
Want to show off your work? Feel free to contact me at pmcgrath(at)systemsmanager dot net

demo/test site site for new upgrade is at


cheers and thanks

Peter M.
icq 707923
msn/yahoo cannuck1964 (at) yahoo.com