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    What could be the value of the domain -> ?

    Dun have any intentions to sell it or something, just curious about its value ...
    When everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough Mario Andretti, Racer

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    Judging by the number of visitors it sent me I would say at least $2300 to $2500 giving the amount of people that "swamp" to list on that site....

    You would get that amount back in 2months or less

    Want to sell it? MAke me the first on your list
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    Thanks galacnet.

    Yea, You'd be the first I'd contact If I'd sell it sometime....
    When everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough Mario Andretti, Racer

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    I wouldn't think that you'd get $X,XXX range for that...But nevertheless, you can go ahead and try
    Lorand R. Minyo
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    It makes no sense to advertise / deal with Mr. Ibrahim Ezzy ([email protected]) cause he is a well known supplier if it comes to warez scripts and fraud.

    We recently bought a script online and were amazed that he doesn't even care to publich his contact info inside a stolen script worth more than US $ 1500 .

    We bought a script online (CashCrusader) and received the file:

    CashCrusader-by-nexus.rar (SCRIPT PROVIDED by neXus)

    which included the following info:

    SCRIPT PROVIDED by neXus([email protected])
    [email protected]---------------
    Installation Instructions

    I believe if you deal with people like Ibrahim Ezzy don't wonder if the police will stay in front of your door one day. is also known for cheating their customers by sending automated traffic (generated by I-Faker - a traffic script using proxies to "deliver" unique proxy hits). Too bad that he forgot to remove the headers when he started his business.

    I will now forward all my details to the script developers to make sure that Mr. Ibrahim Ezzy's so called "Business" has an end here as this is not the first time he cheated customers.

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