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    Calling all developers! Please post your project name, description and URL here. It'll be interesting to know how many of you actually contribute to the open-source industry. Also, please state your role in the project and whether you're a project administrator.
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    I saw this the other day and I was meaning to reply. I was planning on submitting a project of mine to sourceforge (and since have - I'm waiting for a pending name takeovere), which you reminded me to do.

    But basically it is a mIRC DLL called kTools which does various things manipulating mIRC's MDI giving the appearance of "docking" windows.

    The whole thing is coded in the C++ Win32 API.

    Also a custom control was made for the statusbar which I never got to finish - but basically it is like a standard windows control statusbar with the exception of styling/borders/progressbars/graphics.

    As for my position on the project I was the only one working on it - so I guess that makes me the administrator
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    No files released yet, around 10,000 lines of code written so far.

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    Pretty popular ( the code )
    Base Code = Exo fusion, but they stopped Developing hte game, so we took it on with there permission and called it gamers-fusion

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