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    Storage Solutions!!!

    Hello All,
    I am working in Business Development Research Stream of a software organization.This post of mines is being driven by the motive of exploring possibilities for storage solutions in Web Hosting industry.

    Can some one throw more light on what kind of hosting providers need storage solutions and what exactly they look into storage solutions provider.



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    Well, for dedicated hosters, central storage solution may sell as some bundled storage space with the servers.

    Usually, storage solutions are more inline with manage application hosting and such...

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    Thanks for the prompt reply but the issues which come across for storage solutions providers who are not products centric is the custom application development cost is always going to be more then the popular products which they buy but they end up paying more when they need to scale that product or customize it according to their needs......

    well what i intend to know is what kind of offerings can attract major attention from this web hosting industry as there are not too many hosts who can think of storage.

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    Are the backup solutions envisaged as part of your idea of storage solutions?
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    i would like to know who offers 1-16 terabytes storage solution at affordable prices ?

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    I would recommend taking a look at

    They have an outstanding storage/backup solution for hosting companies...

    There software backs up and is able to recall single instances of mysql DB's - this is one of the cooler features - but there are many many more - the product is geared to Linux hosting providers..

    Hardware is a different story - loads of options

    Hope this helps...

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    i am looking for a hosting company that provides hardware for 1-16 terbaytes of storage. this will be plain storage and not backup.

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    I am looking forward to the host or data centre's for NAS & SAN solutions or whatever they are seeking out in terms of storage solutions no matter how complex or trivial their needs are....

    My concern at the moment is to generate some initial enquiries about the same.......


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    We are a storage resource management company majorally working on

    Storage Resource Management (SMI-S: CIM/WBEM), Virtualization
    - SAN Solutions (RAID & LUN management, Security, SAN backup)

    - NAS Solutions (CIFS, NFS, NAS Aggregation, Block level snapshot support)- SNIA compliance for existing storage solutions

    - Backup & Recovery modules (NDMP, LAN / Client free backup)
    - Pursuing RAID implementation for SATA controller
    - iSCSI / SCSI / FC / Serial ATA Target & Initiator development and porting (in MAC OSX, Windows, Linux and other
    popular flavors of UNIX eg. HPUX, AIX, Solaris, Tru64, FreeBSD etc.)

    - FC switch / HBA Management software development
    - Device drivers/Kernel Modules/File System Development

    - High Availability (Ex: Linux based Heartbeat HA solution)

    - DVT (Design validation testing) for FC / iSCSI / SCSI / Serial ATA HBAs

    Now i am really looking forward to hosting industry for our offerings.

    So for me the need based analysis is the objective.

    I hope now atleast my posts are clear.


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