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    Reseller Nameservers Experience?

    I was trying to figure a way out to let my clients used one common set of nameservers which would be using my main domain say so it'd be ns1/ instead of the providers nameservers. I'm assuming now that I may not have custom nameservers on the reseller host. I thought of using DNS Made Easy but I'm not sure how to make it work actually.. Just wanted some thing where I can edit nameservers record so I could switch my clients in times of a neeed to.. painlessly and easily.. plus prolly in future having a backup mail service when the reseller servers are down.. Another thing is I may not have just one reseller provider but a few, but I guess I'd just create another set of nameservers like ns3/ right?

    Erm, so sorry. Maybe I should explain with my current scenario and why I need it.

    Simply, I am a web hosting reseller and I would like to give my clients a custom nameserver say ns1/ instead of ns1/ just to hide the web hosting company from my clients. I choose to use DNS Made Easy because I wish to have more control over my main domain, I believe dns propagation would also be much much faster. Anyways, I have created using the Managed DNS service provided by DNS Made Easy and followed the Vanity DNS tutorial creating ns1/

    Let's say I've created an account with the domain at company A and they provided me with dns1/ Since I don't have access to the domain (, I'll have to let my client know that they have to update nameservers to dns1/ right? But I wish to use ns1/ instead, how should I proceed? I know I would have to create under the Managed DNS section and follow steps 6 and 7 of the Vanity DNS tutorial right? Then add in the records pointing to the server is hosted on. It is fine since I'd have to just add dns records slowly then just leave it to work. But there comes another problem.

    If my client decides to add a subdomain using the control panel software provided (e.g. cPanel) by the host, the records would be automatically be added to dns1/ The subdomain would never work if I do not add the record using the Managed DNS section right? Since it's now utilising ns1/ which are essentially DNS Made Easy's nameservers. I was wondering if there's a way to automatically match the dns records of on dns1/ to the records under the ns1/ nameservers? So I prolly wouldn't have to even add in any records but just create a new domain under the Managed DNS section. Like what you asked, this means I'd be using the DNS Mady Easy's nameservers.

    A second option I thought is to utilise dns1/ nameservers instead but how do I hide it so that I could give others ns3/ as their domain's nameservers but it's actually utilising dns1/ This way all I have to do is to point ns3/ to dns1/ and need to worry about adding any records.

    I hope it is clearer now.

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    sure. As a reseller, you should have your private nameservers, ns1/, so your clients can use them, not ns1/ Just register ns1/ at your domain registrar and ask your host setup on their server. If they cannot do that, you should consider to change

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