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    looking for...........

    hello all

    basically got 30 GBP per month to spend on a server and 500gb bandwith would be very nice to have and also have 60-80gb space with webmin on server..........

    is there anywhere suggested i can get such a deal ?

    thanks all for your time


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    30 GBP is about 50 USD (53.2467 at this very moment).
    You will not have much choice at this price level with 500gb included ...

    maybe's 55usd server ?
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    You'll probably have to goto $60 if you want one from, the $55 is never in stock.

    You'll get 1200GB bandwidth with 80gig HD, but no webmin, only cpanel/WHM if you pay $19.95 extra from a seperate company (managed do it for you though)

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