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    Registerfly Sucks!!!!!

    Hi just telling my situation with them!!!

    I have a domain since last 2 years, i dont use it for any website or anything, just for my personal emailing and ftp purposes.

    But since last 8-9 days it had been down, i thought probably there is problem going on with the server, so i thought abt changing it to my another server.

    I logged into registerfly, went to "Manage my domain" and change the DNS settings.

    1 Day went by, it was not propagated.
    2 Day went by, it was not propagated.
    3 Day went by, still it was not propagated.

    I sniffed there is something else is wrong, contact the "Live Support" on Registerfly and talk with support idiots and they said they will refer my issue to their "Admin" and take care of it. That night i went for sleep, next day i was busy so forgot to check back.
    It was 6th day and i was like HECK WTF is going on, so i contacted the support guys, and they told me to open a "TICKET" in their support system and someone will reply back in 24 hours.

    Well i followed their instructions and opened the ticket on April 30th, 2004.

    24 hours went by and no reply yet...

    48 hours went by and no reply yet...

    and finally now after 52 hours, i get this response to ticket:

    The name is on hold due to registry issues. Please update the whois/contact info with accurate info and send email to [email protected]

    Tim Shor
    Senior Manager Second Level Support

    Please re-open this ticket if you need additional help

    My whois information is totally accurate, with my first and last name, address, phone #, email contact etc.

    I just replied back to them at their given email "[email protected]" that my whois info is accurate and all, there is no reason for my putting my domain down for 8 damn days.


    But i want to ask, can they just do this shyt to anyone for no damn purpose?

    It was not the domain on which i run my bread and butter, but if it was, i would have been doomed as my whole business would have been destroyed.

    And this could happen to anyone, anyone of you guys who are in hosting business.

    Is there is any action one can take against them for this, or for the losses.

    - Ravi Sharma

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    What's your domain so that I can see if it's propogated for me? Tim is pretty high up in the chain of command & should solve your issues, I know since I dealt with him about 1.5 years ago when I found a massive security flaw in their system (and could have owned every single domain that they ever registered I obviously didn't do that, got in touch with them immediately).

    - Matt

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    I agree with mainarea, tim is helpful. You might have had a whois complaint or related issue. This happened to one of my clients they had 5551212 for a number, icann caught it and complained. Long story short the domain was on hold until he fixed it and they turned if back on.
    Domain Maven

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    someone from "feedback" at "unifiednames" dot com got back to me in reply of my email.

    Damn ENOM has put my domain on HOLD, registerfly guys are working to resolve it according to their email reply.

    IT just sucks how they just do it for no reason!

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