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    PHP MYSQL web centered medical case history

    Looking for a programmer to develop scripts to connect 3 dbfs one the main category, linking to the header sub
    category to finally the history, for a history file and a lookup table from age (birthday)
    gender, so the questions to be dislayed for patients to enter response from a pre determined field in the data base to
    allow a 1 2 3 check box response or a edit field for a short answer, a comment area for a longer explaination, and
    yes/no response. this then needs to be put in a format when completed to be sent in an organized read out printable
    with the summary of the questions that apply with appropiate responses such as the 1 2 3, the 1's relate to rarely, 2
    often, and 3 frequent, and the appropiate text with the questions.

    There needs to be a data base to allow the doctor to select each of the questions that would apply to his clinic, and
    the patients responses would also be linked to the same data base. The questions all have a link field, that can be
    used in the primary link key, and the patient link would also have the clinic doctors link there, the fields to enter the
    actual data. All entries would be made to the same dbf but select those questions only applicatical to that doctor, as
    multiple doctors will be utilizing the system. Patients are assigned to specific doctors also.

    Would someone be interested in undertaking this project. Please send your details and price. Thank you for your time and attention to this,
    Wayne [email protected]
    yahoo wpharr
    aim oicvision

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    I am interested in undertaking this project. I have added you to AIM.

    I would write the script in PHP using a mySQL database backend, if that is ok with you.

    I await contact from you.

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    > I would write the script in PHP using a mySQL database backend, if that is ok with you.

    Contrary to what the subject would have you believe.
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