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    Server Bandwidth Question

    I am looking at a dedicated server. One of our friends is offering us this :
    P4 1.8Ghz, 40Gb, 300Gb bandwidth, Cpanel, semi-managed $149/month,
    or P4 1.6Ghz, 40Gb, 200Gb bandwidth, Cpanel, semi-manged $129/month.

    I have seen many dedicated servers offering 1000gb of bandwidth and I am wondering how important this is and if this deal I am being offered is not worth it. I am somewhat new to this, so let me know.


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    What does semi-managed include? And the bandwidth all depends on how much you plan on using...

    If you need 1000 GB of bandwidth per month for your websites, then obviously 300 GB is not enough.

    What are you using the server for?

    And ask your friend what DC the server is located in.

    Brendan Diaz

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    They are located in Global Compass and semi-managed includes installation of programs, help in setting things up, and immediate fixing of problems, everything is pre-setup and they provide 24/7 support and phone support. Not completely managed, but just enough to help us get started. Anyways, we the server will be for a hosting company that we are starting. Just enough for us to get started and move our clients from reseller over to this. That is why I am not sure about the bandwidth, are these 1000gb bandwidth providers for real?

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    Any webhost offering whatever plans would need to fulfil their side of the bargain because that forms part of a binding contract. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    I'd say that it's worth it. Are you ever going to need 300GB? My host offers 1000GB transfer, but I don't even use up 30GB on an average month. Any hosts that offer 1000GB of bandwidth are overselling, from Nocster to ServerMatrix to NAC to Ev1. However, these large hosts have a pretty good idea of what the average user actually uses. How much bandwidth per client do you use right now, and how many clients do you expect to have in 6 months? This can help determine what your actual need will be - Keep in mind, you'll need to set a limit of the number of clients who you put on a server in the first place to prevent the server from lagging.


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    Well currently we have marketing plans and relationships that will bring us around 50 customers a month. Granted we do not use most of the bandwidth that we currently have, we plan to allocate a significant amount of bandwidth to each account. I am not sure what the server load would be on a server of that size, what would everyone recommend to eliminate server overload. This company is going to be growing fast and new servers will be setup probably every two-three months. I know I read earlier that many people put around 150 clients on each box, would this be possible on a box of this size.

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    Without overselling on your part, 150 clients on 300gb bandwidth would mean that each would get only 2gb/bandwidth a month. It probably fits the needs of those who do not have very big or busy sites.

    However, if you are allocated 1000gb then each of your clients would have an allocated bandwidth which is about 3 times more. That gives you a little more legroom to play around without having to pay excess charges if it is exceeded.

    But seriously, bandwidth is only one aspect here. What is important is to look at your web host reputation and responsiveness and what other perks which comes with the plan. Those are the things which could get you off from all the headache. Uptime and Uptime guarantees are important too because that is what being online is all about.

    There is no point signing up with a web host who provides 2000gb bandwidth a month but you find that they are down so often and they do not respond to your ticket for days. With that you probably would never even get to use 2000gb. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    Thanks for the advice that everyone has given. The hosts that I am looking at are the following:

    Server Matrix

    Which would you recommend over others. I have not seen much information on Infrenion or The other aspect is we do need some management. I was looking at thelinuxguy or acunett. Any experiences anyone would have would help make my decisions. Thanks!

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    I've used Acunett in the past and Rob and Ronny did a good job at looking after my machine. I have not used thelinuxguy so I cannot comment.

    I have not heard of the other hosts apart from Servermatrix as I am using them. They are honest people, slow at support at times but they will not cheat you. They do offer good hardware and good network. You get value for money there. Not top of the line because the prices are not top of the line prices but for what's it is worth, I have no regrets being there. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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