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    Business Hosting Packages

    I am developing a new hosting site targeted to the small business. This will be a cPanel hosting acct under Unix. My largest hosting package will include 2500 Mb of disk space and 50 GB of transfer. I doubt many businesses will need these limits. For such a large package, I would like recommendations on limits to the following:

    ftp accts
    email accts
    email lists
    sql databases
    sub domains
    parked domains
    addon domains

    For the larger businesses, what is the max number of items that I should offer in the above list?

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    Try comparing your future plans to the ones existing hosts already offer. My recommendation would be:

    ftp accts - 40
    email accts - 40
    email lists - 20
    sql databases - 20
    sub domains - 30
    parked domains - 20
    addon domains - 20

    hope this helps

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    ftp accts - 80
    email accts- 100 (many people wont use more than 30!)
    email lists- 100
    sql databases- 64
    sub domains- 10
    parked domains- 4
    addon domains- 9

    Checkout some of your comeptition to get an idea, thanks.
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