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    I need your help

    Hi guys,

    I need you to help me for an homework I am doing for one of my class in college.

    I need to know the average price of a shared webhosting for a 'fake' business. (Only the price, I dont want to buy an account)

    Here are the specifications of the account:

    -Between 100 and 150 megs of webspage
    -Between 5 and 10 gigs of bandwith
    -SSL (I dont think its how you call it, but I need to manage credit card numbers. (https : //))
    -Daily backup
    -Windows platform
    -ASP & A database (I dont really care of the name of the database, it could be Oracle or mSQL)
    -CPanel or any management tool

    Thanks for your help, its highly appreciated.

    student of Collège Ahuntsic, Québec

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    Hi DoubleV,

    A good working average is $1.00-$2.50/GB Bandwith....

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    This would cost you about $2-3 / Month.

    The problem lies in the Daily Backup and SSL.

    SSL Certificates cost about $35 / Year (One-Time Cost)

    And, Daily Backups tend to drive it up much more. I would say that would add about $15 / Month onto it.

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    You should be able to get this for $10/month.

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