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    Old site needs revamp


    I own for around 4 years this site, i designed with no experience with MS Front page.

    It it is now looking tired (i think it did from day 1) but it is a good site and gets many hits. I do not want to spend a fortune but i need a new layout, logo design and a more pro feel to it.

    Is there anyone who would be interested in this project, i want a nice clean html as i want to keep my search engine listings.

    The theme of the site is Feng Shui (chinese science of land)

    I need a site that i can update nearly every week as we add much content, the problem is my limited experience is in MS frontpage, i do have dreamweaver but am unsure how to use it.

    Please if anyone is interested please take a look and let me know what you think. I do need a good designer who is not going to cost a fortune.

    Thanks for your time



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    I am interested in designing your site. I can do the design for a low price. I will need more information of course, but if you can contact me by info in sig, we can work soemthing out.


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    I can do something aswell.. How can i contact you? via AIM, MSN, or anything else please say so.

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