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    Question snapname backorder, where cheaper?

    I would like to know if all the snapname backorder cost the same (via the nsi or snapname: 69$)? Is there a cheaper way, i.g. via a reseller or a domain name registrar that has a special deal etc.?

    PS: BTW How does snapnames compared to Namewinner (only 15$)?
    Is snapname less good than pool for the .org as well?

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    Try Namewinner or GoDaddy although has the largerst success rate.

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    Do not bother with GoDaddy.
    Quality web hosting

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    452 is best but most expensive.

    There are snap resellers with only 3 exchanges (directly you get unlimited exchanges).

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    .org backorder (NSI registrar)

    thank you for your informative answers.
    Fastsnaps seems really great! Is there a "catch" ? I mean they are MUCH cheaper... I went to their site, read the ToS, Faqs and I am still wondering (I wrote them an email too) if this service can be used for only one backorder (not bulk snapname user)?
    Have you used them?
    Pool is obviously the best as it seems, but I don't like auctions...

    BTW, with Namewinner or Pool, I understand that they only charge you IF they get the domain for you... but... the devil is in the detail... is it a true refund.... or is it rather a "credit refund" for a new domain backorder or a new domain registrattion?
    Is there a snapname's backorder list that Pool or Namewinner use?
    Thanks again

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    Re: .org backorder (NSI registrar)

    Originally posted by netgogo
    thank you for your informative answers.
    Fastsnaps seems really great! Is there a "catch" ?
    YES! With Snapnames you can have unlimited changes until the subscription runs out. With all the Snapback resellers it is limited to 3 I think. Trust me, you will need the unlimited. Almost all my GD BOs and Snapbacks get beat by Pool.

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    Yes I was kind of suspecting that there was a catch...
    Thanks for warning.

    With Pool, are there people who get good domains at 60$?
    Or are there always high bidings/auctions? I would not want to pay more than 60$...

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    snapback=snapname ?? or not?

    I would like to understand if "snapnames" is the same thing as "snapback". I read attentively the info, and it is confusing... I am looking for the same as backorder "engine". I almost took a backorder with when I got a doubt... the .org domain that was free with the expensive snapnames is "unknown" with "SnapBack" (the Fastsnap website)... hmmm. Could it be a godaddy / expirefish "reseller" scheme? I am perplex...

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