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    has anybody registered a domain with I have registered 2 domains on the 30th of april and since then both pages are soooo unstable like every 30mins the site is up and then for 1hour the site is down atleast the 2 domains wont be forwarded to my site..Ive also tried several other sites that the domains should forward to but I get the same problem with all sites I forward those 2 domains to....I would like to know if anybody else has experience with them already and If there is any chance to get the money back from them...I think its a russian host because they adverse at some russian sites..When I try to contact the admin and describe him my problem he doesnt seem to understand my problems so I would like to talk with some people that have experience with sites like this...Is there anything I can do about this problem? Im new to all this domain registration stuff so I would appreciate it if somebody could help me...


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