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Thread: DNS Problems

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    DNS Problems

    Hello folks,

    I just picked up one of the cheap servers so I could learn about the world of hosting. Learning quite a bit already, but I've come to a point where I'm stumped. I have a domain name registered and I've set up my nameservers. I went into dotster and registered my two nameservers as well. Then, on another domain, I set those nameservers to my new nameservers. The changes have taken effect as I can do a whois on the domain and see the new nameservers listed through network solutions. However, if I go to that domain, I don't get my site... instead, I get the page not found error. Could it be that registering the nameservers hasn't been done yet? I did it about 48 hours ago. Any advice would be extremely helpful. Thanks!

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    Have you created the proper Forward Lookup Zone, SOA records, and Host (A) records in your DNS server?


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    Originally posted by Josh:

    This is a CPanel bug, that's easily fixed. Login to your box from SSH, and type "pico /etc/nameserverips" (without the quotes). Change the nameservers that are in there for each IP address to your own, for instance,
    change "" to "". Save and close out of the file, and you'll be up and running with your own nameserver IPs.

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