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    Online ImageHosting Management Application


    My name is Isaac D., I'm an internet professional. I was once confronted with the idea of programming an application that allows the operation of a business that hosts images. Their target audience was the eBay market and people that use the internet to the point where they need a place to reference their images, linking them from another website.

    After that blew over, I received a lot of emails and PMs of people interested in the application. I decided that I might be able to program and license a fresh version of this software off.
    I just want to know, is there anyone interested in an application such as this?

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    Gallery might do the trick.

    Check, probably you are looking for those applications?

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    You might look at a gallery application with webservice access so that may take care of the remote image retrieval requirement.

    Also look for eddy2099 (I think thats his handle) he is part of a company that does what you described also. From what he mentioned they have some large customers too.


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