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    Mailing List Hosting Request


    I have a specific request for hosting, Either this can be a full dedicated server or Just a limited use of another server which can handle this

    Mailing List - Press Releases to Media

    Max size of List -14K
    Send frequency about 1-8 a month
    Average message size 7K
    Need to send quickly on the day say in about max 3 -4 hours

    Requirement a mailing list for one domain to send these emails out, reliable service, need to be available when needed. No website to go with this, No SPam sent, just to PR deparments of major newspapaers and agencies such as PR newswire, Reuters etc

    Need cost in either per month for the service or ideally per usage ie per messages sent must be reasonable price, and server must be able to handle the load of these emails, Will consider VPS or Dedicated or Reseller hosting , anything that can get the job done.

    Quotes please ASAP, this is an urgernt requirement


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    No quotes allowed here. Look through the Dedicated Servers advertising forum for offers, or use the Host Quote at .

    - Matt

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