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    Thumbs down is very bad hosting

    u1hosting is very bad hosting. They say offer 99.99% Uptime Guarantee. This offer is false because I have two hosting plan with this company and my web sites are 40% (or more) offline. It’s better a company that offers free hosting (
    My databases were lost.
    I do not recommend this company
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    Sorry to hear that you've lost your databases.
    It seems like 1uhost offers unlimited bandwidth, read:

    Next time do your search before signing up with a host, and choosing a host offering unlimited storage/bandwidth wouldn't be a smart idea.

    Good luck.
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    I'm also on, what happened? I checked back on my domain and everything was gone besides an index page with the cgi-bin?

    They are very very bad ...
    New site coming soon
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    Sorry to hear about your problems guys. As Hoobastank68 noted, unlimited space/bandwidth is not a good sign at all.

    Hopefully you now learned that choosing a host means more than just finding the best offer out there.

    Good luck!
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    What did you expect from an unlimited provider? Lets hope that you have learnt a vital lesson.
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    Wow, looking at the prices, it's no wonder you guys had all these problems. - Low cost multi domain hosting solutions. [Legal adult content friendly]
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