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    What is your reason?

    What is the reason you are in this industry?

    I fell into the industry because of my hobbies and I find enjoyment. But I went full boar as a business in the industry to make money and provide a living for myself.

    Yes, I admit, I am a business to make money...

    Although I also plan on using my business to support myself in the future for possible missions work abroad. Being a business owner opens many many doors into other countries, and being an online business that can be run anywhere in the world means I can do this from virtually any country, and bring my Bible along

    How bout you?

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    The reason for setting up a business is never just about money because I am sure there are lots of better opportunities out there that can give you alot more.

    It is more on interest and a chance to meet new people and to see more of this world. This is so true in the internet.

    You meet people from all over the world. Good and bad. Learn about them and interact with them. You get paid for your interest and you learn something technical and also marketing.

    This is a great experience and definitely one that is not going to be easy if you set up any other business elsewhere.

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    Power, authority and theres probably something else High quality hosting, low low prices.
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    Doing a good job and doing it over time just gives me a sense of accomplishment.

    And lets not forget all the helpful friends and sometimes enemies I've made at this and other forums. Webhosting truly is a unique field and has wonderful people working in it.
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    Money + the pleasure of watching something you created from scratch get bigger and bigger - affordable multiple domain hosting solutions
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    Going into 5th grade I started becoming more computer knowledgable. After 6th grade I started getting into web hosting providers and actually purchasing hosting accounts. After having several hosting providers and seeing them fall or not make the customer (me) happy I decided why not do this myself. I started my business with my father registering my company at 16 years old.

    So the main reason why I'm in the business is to make my current and future clients happy.

    It's also my current and future carreer path. I'm currently a Jr. Network Engineer and going to school for computer forensics, Engineering and Business Administration.

    The enjoyment of seeing a younger client have a smile on his face when he goes to sleep knowing he can call us in the morning asking any question he needs. (I can see the smile over the phone, or hear the happy laugh)

    Lending the helping hand to those clients that need the extra attention, not treating the $5 client like a $5 client and something even bigger.

    Smiles, Hand Shakes, Professionalism.....and more

    Ok lets TOP IT OFF

    *Being Your Own Boss* going the extra mile to make everyone happy.
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    Well I am sure almost everyone that is trying to make this there main income support is to make money. However there are some hobbyists that do it for fun. We started to one day make it a viable long term income for me and my family. As we all knows this takes a lot longer to achieve as it is a competitive market. But I would say the main reason besides money is I believe everyone and I mean everyone should have a webpage. Rather it is just a family type page or a business page it is a great place to show off everything.

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    I totally agree with nukehelpers. Webpage is just something that I always foresee it to be like a "home" for each individual and we, the host, are like providing them with a service apartment where they get the facilities that they need.

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    since we are not a run of the mill shared host, my reasons will probably be somewhat unusual.

    i find it technically and intellectually challenging, first and foremost. it is extremely fulfilling on an emotional level to make a good living providing a product that is needed, wanted and is worth every penny you charge. being able to run your business with honesty and integrity, bypassing the usual corporate politicking, lying and butt-kissing, lets me remain the kind of person i want to be all day, every day. i enjoy working with people and i enjoy working with honest, intelligent people even more.

    the above is just the top 5 - if you dont discover another reason to love what you are doing every day, you are in the wrong business.

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    We kinda fell into it through hosting friends (hobby) . Since then we have come to enjoy the extra interaction with people as well as the team building and scaling that is available in this industry. It all really comes down to the burning desire to build a hosting EMPIRE :-)
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    To Get Rich or Die Trying hehe jk. Well to make good money as there is a constant rise in people turning to the web and if you have a site you need a host. The Small Business marketing itself will be worth $8billion in 2005-6 provided by Jupiter Media.
    "Web Hosting is not just about selling space, it is about facilitating customers needs with your plans and supporting the customer for a long lasting mutually beneficial relationship."- Yaser

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    Started it for two main reasons. Number one being I was looking for some type of income to help myself out. Number two would be the fact that I went through a couple bad hosts myself and saw the potential for a host to do very well if they did things the right way. I like to try to help out where I can and this is a way I can help and make a bit of money on the side as well in all honesty.

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    I love it when I hear from a client that they are about to embark on there dream of building there first site. My first site was a long time ago and each time I hear the enthusiasm in somone else's voice it takes me back.
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    Dynamic Net (which was came out of PMP Computer Solutions) was the 3rd business I founded, and the only one that survived (by the grace of God).

    For me it was the opportunity to provide a needed service, and express my talents in a way where there is the potential for true merit based incentives (even if completely unrelated to financial means).

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
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