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    Lightbulb Is this needed or are the current solutions ok?


    I am going to start developing a client and billing management system in PHP/MySQL. I know there are a few already however I've never found what I wanted and hence the reason I'm doing this. Just thought I'd get a bit of input from you guys as to whether or not it is needed?

    - Shared and reseller hosting packages as offered in all the current solutions
    - Dedicated server sales, as offered in most current programs, however with the added functionality of automated setup - you input the IP(s) and root password on the server and when someone signs up you can automatically give them the info - eventually a shell script will be written to change the nameservers, hostname, root password, etc., to that of what the client specifies, if anyone is interested in writing this please PM me
    - Game server sales, where the order form lets the user choose a game server, how many slots, public or private, the software works out a price, etc.
    - Design sales, lets the user and specified design representative communicate, show progress reports, etc. in the client area
    - Full featured support system, which can generate stats, etc., supports attachments AND (not offered anywhere else) it can run as a stand alone as well so that it can be sued without logging into the client area for pre-sales requests, etc., but is always managed through the staff area, to keep things neat and tidy, also includes a knowledge base and a place to insert live chat code (e.g. the image and popup url for live person or phplive or whatever)
    - Expenses manager - you can input the cost of each server, how much of each package you pay in tax, etc. and it will work out profit figures. Better still, it can do really kinky things like working on a $0.50/ticket basis, and different costs per ticket for each rep, and work out how much you pay in commission to sales reps, and so on. Veeery much more feature-packed than that of ModernBill
    - 100% customizable using really easy to edit templates
    - Invoice management, recurring or invoiced billing, pro-rated billing support, etc.
    - 2CO, myPaySystems TTP-PRO, eProcessingNetwork, PayPal, NoChex, Authorize.NET, Echo, MoneyBookers and StormPay billing -as well as money order / cheque, etc.

    It will go on sale for $149.99 or $19.99/mo in August, but do you think there is a need and do you think it will sell?

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    Well, if it does all you say there and does it efficiently without fuss then i would say that its well worth releasing.
    Even if there is already software like this on the market, there is always room for more providing it is going to either offer something more or be more user friendly.

    Good luck with it, keep us posted.

    Dave Smith

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    Well one major problem I have with ModernBill is the usability. It's soooo difficult to cnfigure and most support tickets you get are asking how to use the client area. So yes, usability is an important factor to me. I think it does quite a lot more than anything else that I've seen, definitely a lot more than anything else in that price range, and it's made by me

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    Definitely there is need for a complete billing system, as the ones that already exist are hard to configure and lack some basic things, like custom invoice creation. If there would be a way of combining all the billing systems made so far, I'd be happy Not one has all the things needed...
    Lorand R. Minyo
    Co-Founder @ Neveli

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