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    As an info about the domain: medline is an open source project and is the no1 for each medical doctor no mather whereever he lives to search for any new medical studies or whatever medicine-associated theme. I know that since I am using medline a lot and so do my collueges. Basically I donīt plan on selling the domain, but what would you think would be its worth if I would?

    For stats:

    Google hits: about 10 000 000

    thx in advance for the input!

    best regards, pyro

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    $20? cause it's a biz afterall.

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    really that low?

    as mentioned above I donīt really plan to sell it anyway, but I thought it would have a higher word with 10 mill googlehits on it... (e.g. webhosting has only 6 mill googlehits)

    thx for the input

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    Yea, I would go with reg-fee. gets 0 google hits (besides sedo and this site), and since it has 0 type-in value with the biz ext it is pretty much worthless.

    .biz is great, but only if you decide to develope it for the long term. So perhaps with enough development, lots of Rank, it could be worth a pretty penny to a medicine company wanting to monetize on your excisting traffic.

    good luck.

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