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    Advertising Opportunity and PR6 Site seeking link exchange


    My name is Nick Racanelli and I am offering some deals on space/links on my site

    Link Exchange

    I'll start with the link exchange request first. I run and own a PR6 website based on cPanel and WHM. I am looking for established websites of PR6 and above (will look in to PR5) to trade links with. Please PM me with any offers for trading links. I am not looking to pay for any text links, trades only!


    Although the top banner has already been taken I still have advertising spots avaliable. As mentioned above my site is a PR 6 and recieves over 30,000 page impressions per month. This is what I have avaliable...

    Leader Board - This will be displayed where google adsense is currently being displayed. It appears on every page and is very attention getting as it is focused in the middle of the page. I have 2 options for this...

    Solo banner meaning your banner, and your banner ONLY appears in this spot - $150 for 30 days or $280 for 60 days.
    Rotating banner - your banner is rotated with 5 other banners for $30 per month.

    Support Sponsors - This is my most affordable advertisement spot. At the bottom of the page there is a "supportive sponsor" section which is yet to be filled. It will consist of 8 buttons all 87x87 pixels - these are a great way to get your link on a PR6 page and get some attention.

    I am selling these for $10 each.

    NOTE: 2 of the 8 places are taken.

    Text Links - I am offering text links on my main page and on every page on the site. The site has a PR of 6 and gets thousands of views. Text Links are a great way to promote you site and increase Google PR.

    I am selling text links for $25 per month with a maximum of 10 text links. Your links will appear on every page of the site.

    Please contact me with any questions via PM or email.


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    Do you consider that the PR5 is on the main site or on the Link / exchnage page?
    Because we have a PR5 site but the links page is lower than PR5.

    Here is the URL
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    GalacNet WebMaster

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    Considering you have this site up for sale, how will you honor 60 day advertisers?
    Dan Grossman - dan @
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    The site is no longer for sale - although not updated in the individual threads the "for sale" information sheet on the site informed anyone that was interested in the sale.

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