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    take text from one site and make it appear on another via PHP Mysql

    I have one main site which I update frequently.
    From this site I want to take some content,- text and make it appear on one or multiple other sites.

    It should work something like, everytime you look at this content on another site than the main site, then it somehow connects to the main site and get the content there.

    Can anyone tell me how this can be done? Which functions would be used etc?

    Im probably going to hire a coder for this, as I can't handle such a task, so before I go looking for one, I wanna make sure I know the terms for what I need to coder to do.

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    This is really easy if the sites can share same database from where the content comes from..

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    A few ways you can do this:

    (*) Shared database with a content store
    (*) URL that sends you raw information, which you can display in your other sites
    (*) Webservices
    (*) Screen scraping
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