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    Installation of AspUpload3 to windows 2003

    After downloading AspUpload3 from and install to windows 2003. Installation went fine, however, when I tried to use the example scripts, it does not work. I have regsvr32 aspupload.dll too and restart IIS, still it does not work.

    Can anyone give some opinion?

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    Permissions setting? Have you check the target directory whether permissions setting is correct?

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    If you write a small script that just creates the object what error does it give ?
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    I think you have just installed and not configured. To solve this problem you need to configure some steps in .net.

    To Enable ASP Compatibility Mode

    AspUpload 3.0 is not a native ASP.NET component. It was written specifically for classic ASP, and it uses many intrinsic ASP objects such as Request. Therefore, you must enable the classic ASP compatibility mode for all pages using AspUpload by setting the aspCompat attribute of the @Page directive to True:

    <%@ Page aspCompat="True" other attributes%>

    Failure to do so will result in the run-time error

    There is no MTS object context

    2. Use Wrapper Assembly

    Create a \bin subdirectory under your ASP.NET application and place the wrapper assembly ASPUPLOADLib.dll in it. Alternatively, you can place this file in the Global Assembly Cache. The file ASPUPLOADLib.dll is included in the setup AspUpload.exe. You may also re-create this file using the command-line utility TLBIMP.

    For more info please refer this link:


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