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    {For Sale} Hosting Layout!

    Here I have a nice curved hosting layout with a nice grey/red color scheme which is easy on the eyes and is bound to attract visitors.

    This layout comes with the following:

    PSD File
    Full Customization (From Colors to Text)

    I can also try slicing and coding this layout in HTML the best I can.

    The starting price is a steal at just 20 dollars and payment to be made to [email protected] via paypal!

    Size: 800x600
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    I think you did a great job with this one, not a fan of red and still liked it. Hope you sell it and for $20 it is a good deal.
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    Really good, get rid of the paw as the logo though

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    i agree with the paw...its kinda doesnt go with it.

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    Yeh, i apologize for that! lol! it was just the first custom shape i seen

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    I think a simple circle with outer glow and gradient will be nice

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    Here! Removed the paw! I tried to edit my post but couldnt.

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    Originally posted by Enphasis

    Here! Removed the paw! I tried to edit my post but couldnt.

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    Wow! People are real friendly and helpful here

    Thanks a bunch!

    Anyone know any place else I can post this layout? I don't think it's going to sell here.

    I know the layout isn't the best but im only 15 and do well in my opinion so other sites would be appreciated.

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    Oh wow, yes that logo area is so much better and eye catching. You might want to give it a day or two, Weekends are slow for graphic sales on any forum.
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    Thanks for the enthusiasm.

    I hope it sells ... It will be the first, I can tell ya that.

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    Anyway I can improve it?

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    Bumping this thing!

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    Rebumping this

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    Reduced to 15 dollars now

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    10 dollars now ... come on

    Help me out here

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