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    Question How to build your own control panel?

    Is their any one out there that have built their own control panel? I know lots of Swedish companys having their own control panel for reselling, customers and so on. How to do that, really? Is it possibly to build for every one?

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    You'd need to write the control panel in C or PHP, to run as a daemon. Then get it to listen to a port (e.g. 2082 or 2222) for the user interface (it'd have an integrated webserver for security)... then get it to interface with the various services on the server. I've not researched this before but I think that's roughly how it'd work.


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    I've written one in the past with a buddy 2 years which ran on FreeBSD. Basically, there are two main components, the front end interface, and the daemon. The interface is what your admin, resellers, and domain owners sees. What we've done is write not as a daemon, but as 1 minute CRON job that seeks out new tasks that it needs to do such as creating a new hosting account, suspending, creating new email accounts, etc. Since it runs via CRON, we know if something didn't go right, it will try again the next minute. Also, it gave the system some time to do the necesssary tasks as sometimes, these processes can run a little longer than a few seconds. If your daemon listens for new tasks and executes them, it might step ontop of another task causing conflicts.

    Look at webcp, they'll open source and follows the daemon method for execution.
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    I wrote one and continue to use/develop it.

    We just used plain old perl scripts that run with elevated permissions. No need to write your own fancy web server (unless performance is a huge issue) - just use apache as the web server.

    Basically, if you have to ask how to write a control panel, I think you need to spend a little more time learning.
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    we created our webhost panel in ASP, it takes time and resources, but itīs affordable depending how much are you paying for licenses :-)

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