dear all,
im planning to start a web commerce application.
this application is based on Web and Database A.
for the database i will use a cluster solution (active/active) based on AS linux and it will be hosted in my company (it will handle 300 gb data estimated)
the costumers will populate the database trough internet sending about 350 bytes for times (not less 2000 for days for each costumers up to 4000)
after some operation i get about 31kb/s

so a normal dsl (up 80kb/s in download) can be ok or better use some other kind of line with a minimum guaranted ?

what i dont want to manage is the Web because the security and bandwidht cost
for web i mean the website. the website will contain the my website pages and the login area for the costumers where they will check all their datas.
the idea is running a cron on a dedicated server which will run scripts that will provides to create "views" of Database A on the dedicated database B server so costumers will queries database B not A. this query will be performes with php script and will generate graphs

what kind of dedicated server solution you suggest (if i need or maybe just hosting.....)?
or whatelse solution for my application ?
thank you