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    Question 3Ds Max / Photoshop question

    Hello people

    I downloaded the 3Ds Max trial version a couple of days ago in order to decide if it is as good as people say and buy the product or not..... - I have been using just Photoshop till now for my design projects -.

    Now I have a question, probably silly for those who work with 3Ds Max:
    How can I open a design made in 3DsMax in Photoshop?? I have tried everything but I cant!!!! I also searched for the answer but I didnt find it.

    Answers will be really appreciate guys,

    Thanks a lot in advance

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    You can't open 3dsmax source files into photoshop. You need to save the file in bitmap format.

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    render the 3dsm scene as a png-24. You will get an alpha channel that way for easy integration with any design in photoshop.

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    Thanks a lot !!!!!!! I just tried to save it as bitmap and png-24 and works!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks guys!!!!!!!!
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    3d Max and Photoshop are totally different programs for different purposes.

    Photoshop only opens 2d images, so you need to export the 3dmax render in a 2d image format to open it in PS.

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