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    DDOS of Emails Getting Worse

    I have been detecting a trend that attacks on email servers. Or rather email spams by automated software is getting more and more. What's worse it seems to be from smtp servers all over the world. Not just open relays, maybe vulnerable relays, respectable providers etc whose clients may be careless. These emails cant be blocked as they are distributed. The RBL I am using wont be updating a lot of them as the smtp may be temporary victims of viruses etc. Finding it very difficult to prevent such spams from all over the place, similar scenario to DDOS attacks : (. Anyway to prevent?

    Is spam really that effective that so many people still continue using it? I really wonder? My side, I am getting to the stage that if I am not a hosting provider, I would just stop using email altogether. A phone SMS etc seems better. At least SMS cost much more than emails, I still dun expect that great amount of SMS spams compared to email spams.

    Really hope spammers realise the way they are doing, they are killing the goose that lay the golden eggs.

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    While I am not a spammer, you would be suprised how many people buy stuff from spam. I think I read an article that said that 1/10 people will buy something from a spam email.

    Well it has to be profitable or there wouldnt be so much spam flying around.

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    I just read something that spammers get $100,000 in sales from baby diet medicine yes thats right Baby diet, can you believe people actually buy this stuff Makes you think you got in the wrong business,
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    It costs a spammer very little to send out 1 million emails. 0.1% of 1 million is still 1,000 purchases. So yes, spamming is effective, much to our chagrin.

    My primary email address (single mailbox) blocks up to 400 spams a day currently (2,219 blocked in the last week alone).

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