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    Is this Legal? Must be a catch?

    What is the bottom line with this script, saw it searching on

    Is this the famed blog exploit for google that has been going around forever?

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    Of course, as you can tell from my question, I am thinking of giving it a try, but things that are easy, and promise quick results, are like web-hosts that offer unlimited bandwidth and hard-drive space, its painful in the end :p

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    I wouldn’t try this, I just checked a few of the links from Google and lots are like this

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    Well at the bottom of there is a C-SITE link which goes to starfieldtechs registration page..
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    Originally posted by desman
    I wouldn’t try this, I just checked a few of the links from Google and lots are like this
    While it's not entirely ethical, I think it is legal and I think it would improve Alexa ranking, PR, etc. Not sure though. I might give it a try on an unused domain of mine.

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    Originally posted by Bizarre
    I think it is legal
    Good luck with that

    The only way to get true PR is the honest way… Search engines will eventually see this and ban you, their software will adapt – Remember “We are Borg, your… I forget how the rest goes, any Star Trek fan will fill this in

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    Seemed a little to good to be true, still confused on how it works, guessing it submits sites to blogs or something ?

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    1.Fetches 1000's of links for the search terms you set
    2.Referral Genie visits those sites setting your site as the referring page
    3.When google and other spiders index the target site your page rank increases

    Ok here is a short explanation:
    1. You have to specify a search term/key word/phrase [for example: "web hosting"" and it will enter in Google search and fetches the results [You can do the same in Google by doing a simple search with the term and the result will be same]

    2. Visits to all the links in the Google results obtained are faked as though it appeared from links on your site.

    3. So Google is fooled into assuming that the visits were actually real. Google not only takes into consideration the pages votes from your site [the pages visited from your site] but also the page it originated from. So it increases your site ranking and when someone else makes a search in Google using the same search term you used, your sites will show up in a better position.

    But the main problem with this is :Google doesnt rely on only current page visits [voted from yours] to rank a site. Google also analyses your site is with respect to its content, key words, phrases, internal navigation links and external links, previous ranking etc etc. Hence the above method may only marginally improve your position which also depends on what terms you choose and its corresponding matches in other sites. Suppose another site has higher rating than yours then defintely your site cannot be placed above it. In Google no one can buy a higher position in its search results so its accuracy is not compromised [but dependent completely on its well researched technology and mathematical formulas which is not revealed to outsiders]

    There is no substitute to actually having a well developed site optimsed for search engines. Proper use of key words, phrases, external links, proper navigation links within the internal pages of your site, keywords and phrases in the internal pages should all be consistent with the content of the site. Having short reviews on other's sites [if any one allows ofcourse] with proper keywords, link back to your site and suitable content for the search engine to catch is good.

    Frames and Flash intros are not prefered at all. Also do not have text messages in graphic files format but always in text only.

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    Don't think you can improove much with that.
    Links will show in stats pages , many of which google can't see anyway (pass protected, not linked to, denied by robots.txt)
    You can only annoy webmasters with bogus referrals in their stats ...

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