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    2 Servers 2 domains 1 public IP address

    I have two servers: ServerA and ServerB

    I have two domain names: DomainA and DomainB

    I have one public IP address: 62.215.X.X

    ServerA has two Ethernet cards. One with the public IP 62.215.X.X which is connected to the DSL router. The other one with which is connected to a Swtich.

    NATing is enabled on ServerA (I use Firestarter). DNS is running on ServerA.

    ServerB has one Ethernet card with IP which is connected to the Switch.

    NOW, what i want to do is to have all requests for DomainA to be forwarded to ServerA.

    Also, I want to have all requests for DomainB to be forwarded to ServerB.

    Is that possible?

    for example if someone is doing

    1- DomainA (from browser)
    2- ftp DomainA
    3- ssh [email protected]

    Or whatever client application which uses DomainA, i want it to forward this request to the server application in ServerA.. And the same goes for ServerB.

    Is this possible? if so, how ??? can DNS do this ???

    (I know I can create virtual hosts in apache........ but I'm seeking a solution to be applied to all internet applications such FTP, SSH, elc).

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    For Lacal Area Network Usage only, that is possible. Meaning only local users are able to browse your web site, ftp & ssh.

    Talking about real domain names, you will need at least one public IP for each server.
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    I can't for sure about Windows, but I believe they fixed that in 2003 to allow more than one domain per IP (I realy have very little clue when it comes to windows though ). For any linux/apache server however, you can put as many domains per IP address as you wish. You just have to add them to the virtualhosts config.

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