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    Exclamation What Would You Like in a host?

    I am currently in the process of starting a web hosting company.i have some questions for you all so i can bring a enjoyable client base.
    What would you like to see a company bring in terms of service and or products?
    What have you disliked about other companys?
    What did you like about past or current companys?
    these are a few of may questions but will help me bring a comfortable affordable company to all of my future clients and maybe you guys.

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    • in depth knowlege of the hosting technology offered
    • a reasonably low price - but high enough to stay in business
    • responsive service
    • a tested/proven generator system for power outages
    • responsive servers (could be tested on existing sites)
    • a tested/proven backup system
    • a good (or at least not a bad) reputation at WHT

    That's a start anyway ...
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    Well, I'm new to web hosting too, though I've hosted a few personal websites with other hosts in the past. Anyway, here's my opinion:

    Don't promise what you can't provide - I've hosted a few websites with hosts that promised 24x7 support but took more than a day to reply to mails.

    Keep a watchful eye on your profits - This is probably common sense, but know where most of your profits come from. Track which websites send you people that actually buy.

    Look at what your competitors are doing - Are your prices far more than your competitors? Why? What are they doing better? Of course, you need to know who your competitors are in the first place

    Quick responses to customers - No one likes to wait ages for replies

    Automate your system - In the long run, aim to automate routine tasks like sending out new account information once the account is created, reminders for payment, etc. That leaves you more time to think about the customers.

    New software is not a solution to everything - If you are purchasing a ticket based support system, be clear about how it will help you. I've hosted with a host that introduced ticket based support to improve responses and ended up doing the opposite.

    Hope this helped.
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    Perhaps the most important things about a host are uptime and support, or at least this is what most people complain about.

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    For the Generator thing any host here that was with EV1 last summer has done it. EV1 was able to run their entire datacenter without a blip for a week. I believe anyone at The Planet/Server Matrix will also be able to meet that need.

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    Some good points to work of for any host are...

    1) As someone already stated, don't try to do what you cannot do. If you can't offer it, then you can't offer it. Don't make false promises.

    2) Support. Have good, friendly support available to the clients. Try to be friendly with them and deal out the solution in layman's terms.

    3) Service. Make sure you have a good upstream provider whether that be a dedicated server, colocation, reseller, or even your own DC. No one likes a site down.

    4) Know what you are getting into. Don't go diving into running a dedicated server if you've never run one, or even hosting in general if you don't know how things work (at least a basic knowledge). Make sure you know your systems like the back of your hand and even better helps.

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    Service and Support is everything in this business. Many clients 'test' thetir clients by sending a test e-mail or something, to see how long it take for them to answer. In my experience, it is best to be available via many different types of mediums so the valued client may contact you at any time. This includes Forums, AIM, ICQ, MSN, E-Mail, Live Support, Trouble Tickets, and more. Make sure you do your research about datacenters, etc. A good network says a lot about your company, and you don't want your servers to be down every other day. Find a host that has a good track record with uptime, and their network. Also, make sure you have one who has a good SLA, and sticks to it. Know what you are getting into. Running your own web hosting company requires much legal and technical experience. You have to set up payment methods, merchant accounts, gateways, set up the server itself, write a SLA, AUP/TOS and have a lawyer look over it, advertising, and more. It is no walk in the park, and no just anyone can't do it. It takes time, and skill. Also, establish a good reputation around WHT and other host forums. Hope this helps.

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    i would say that the most important thing is to let your customers know troubles and problems on your service before they happen (if possible), if not, just share with them the cause of this outages, service down or whatever, cause customers really feels humilated and nglected if they were left over in such conditions.

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    I will be looking for

    * Quality of the servers
    * Uptime of the network
    * Customer friendly support
    * Last But Not the least Pricing and the Supporting Softwares.
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