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    * Full business identity (name, logo, domains, stationery, etc.) for sale!

    I participated in a business endeavor that never got off the ground, and now I'm looking to unload everything we had prepared for it, including domain names, a very slick logo, business card templates, stationery templates, etc.

    If you've got an internet company (or almost any other company, for that matter) and you're looking for a strong, fresh, professional business identity, this may be a quick and effective way for you to get started.

    Details (including graphics) here:


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    That's a nice identity package

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    nice identity but 2.500$ ...
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    We put more than that into the time, effort, and contractor fees to build that identity. We wanted something that would stand out from all the "eBizWebTechExtreme" names, and a brand that didn't blend in with all the other swooshes and spirals and other generic ones.

    You can very quickly and cheaply get a name and a logo, but developing a memorable business identity takes more work than that. We put that work into this package. (It'd have been great for us if we'd continued with that project!)

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    No .com or .net?
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    We were planning to use as our main domain name. There are others available. and are taken, though I do have snapnames watching out for them and would be happy to give them to the buyer at no cost if I get them.

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    i have to admit its a nice logo
    are you genuine in saying that the name was the result of several months of brainstorming!!

    even if it took you 6 years to come up with that name - that time is lost and is of little value to any potential owner

    no theres other way to say it but an average domain with one logo isnt worth over $150. Also - the fact that the most obvious domain urls for the domain - namely and - are already taken takes away greatly from any branding that would needed on this identity

    most of the people that frequent this section of wht are very web dev savvy when it comes to buying and selling - logos similar to that are getting designed for under $50
    and business cards etc can be made in seconds with many probrams available for free at or even in office
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    good luck, it's a nice sharp logo, but without it'll be of little/limited value
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