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    I would perfer a custom design, but if you have an outstanding looking templates, i may be interested. The hosting is worth wya over $500.

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    Hi Mike,

    Is there anything specific you want in the design? ie; any certain colors, flash, subpages, etc.


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    All of these have been made by me and none released so they are all unique:

    Like/want any of them?

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    I am not looking for flash, but a bubbly, bright, and fun layout. I guess an example of that would be host rocket. Like original and bright colors. If you can show me some of your work, I would be happy to see it.

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    I'm very interested in your offer. My site is -- there you can find my contact and portfolio. If you're interested, e-mail me.

    3D Portfolio: InuxStudios -- 3D Logos, web servers, icons... [ACCEPTING REQUESTS]
    Arcade Network: InuxGames -- #1 source for arcade flash games

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    Im still not impressed with any of the offers i have gotten...this offer still stands...

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    I can do it.... Will start at once and make some themeplates.... If you got any details about design please email me

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