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    Tutorial engine question.. what would be appropriate.

    Ok, I have a tutorial search engine type script on my site, I also have software reviews in the engine.. but that is beyond the point. Would it be inappropriate to add others tutorials to my engine? It links directly to their tutorial.. so when you get down to it I suppose it is just free advertising. I hate to sort of plug my site.. but to give you an idea of what I mean.. here is my engine

    I only have one tutorial in right now, and it is in Tutorials > Other.

    Let me know what you think, and anyone else, feel free to add yours. I'm just wondering what would be considered to be the legit way to go about it.

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    Some people are touchy about having other people link to them; at the very least obtain proper authorization from the authors of the tutorials if at all possible. If there is any notice like "please do not reproduce" or a copyright statement then be safe and don't host it or link to it unless you have permission. It may sound a bit extreme but always play it safe when there is a chance of being sued.

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    If you don't host the tutorial you should be fine. I figure that way because search engines have been around long enough, and they function in a similar way to your tutorial engine. Heck, even google requires a website to be marked with a meta tag to "opt-out" of being hosted by google via the cached pages. Even then search engines by design require the page to be hosted on their servers, just not in a way accessible to the general public.

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    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Thanks for the input, and I guess I'll just use my best judgement, and ask where I feel needed, as given in the situation Apoch gave. Thanks again.

    However, if anyone else has any comments, feel free.

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