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    Ulead GIF Animator problems


    I have been using Ulead GIF Animator 5 for some time now, to make GIFS. I don't really have a problem using the actual software, but I have a problem with the final saved GIF. It ALWAYS appears in slow motion. The preview is always at normal speed, yet when I save it, the GIF is very slow.


    edit: It appears I cannot post any links, please add the http tags infront of it.

    Notice the slow down. It is supposed to be real time. I try and change the frame properties, for only half the time, but again, the final saved GIF is always slow. I was hoping perhaps any of you Ulead GIF5 users may be able to help and sort this problem out.

    Strangely, when I first started using it, I don't remember it doing this, but it seems to have happened fairly recently. Have I changed any options or something?

    Thank you for your time.


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    Welcome to the forums damaja. You cant post links until you have posted at least 5 replys/threads.

    Do you have the trial version or the full version?

    First off, try reinstalling. IF that doesnt work, you should contact customer support. I will try to get ahold of my friend, currently hes in a class, but when he gets back I'll ask him. He uses Ulead too.


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    I see that your image has a good speed, your gif would look bad if you had it played faster.

    Could your problem be the loading speed? Let the animation loop at least once to test the speed.

    As I said the speed looks good here.

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    Thanks for the replies.

    I do have the full version of it. I will try re-installing it though, as it used to be fine.

    As for the speed, it's not a huge speed increase I want, but when I play the frames in edit mode, the frames run much smoother and you don't notice the frame by frame, as you do in the final saved GIF.

    You would certainly notice the difference if you saw the original video compared to the gif. I am sure there must be some simple way to solve it by editing playback options.

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