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    * Webmaster Serve Review Please!

    Hey all, just need a review on Webmaster Serve if you can spare the time. It's a Webmaster Forum but instead of just general forums on this and that, I tried to cover everything I could and go a little more detailed.

    I'm not trying to impress anyone (obviously ) but I tried to go for a fairly simple look that can easily be read. I'm not big on the flash or metal effects that you see everywhere else. I also plan to change the logo once I get a good logo design that's original. Otherwise, I just want to know what you think of everything else. Is there something that I can improve upon?

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    I like it, maybe switch the font of "Webmaster"
    and I'm not too keen on the placement of the arrow which makes the "user info+key stats" collapse, I couldn't tell what it would collapse at first - just tried it out of curiousity, not a major problem at all though

    Good work + good luck,
    Ashraf Abed

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