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Thread: Paypal Frauds!

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    Paypal Frauds!

    few things... paypal is easy but they are really evil! They dip in your account for disputes if you are a seller, and if you are a buyer they take money out of your account randomly Ive heard... anyhow anything evil they did to you?

    I heard about the dipping they took from ... not the greatest. Never leave more than $300 in the account

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    Ive never had any problems with paypal. What exactly happened to you?

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    Originally posted by philman213
    Ive never had any problems with paypal. What exactly happened to you?
    Well, his WHT account is disabled for starters, so we'll just assume he's an honest chap, a Digitally Justified Company
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    No problems with me so far as well

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    Been using paypal for about 3 years and never had a problem...
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    aboutpaypal dot org

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    Re: Paypal Frauds!

    Use Paypal daily to pay our webmasters, no problems ever. Very convenient service.

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    I dont like paypal at all...

    I am victim of paypal.

    I lost 2000 bucks in paypal.

    one of my customer paid me from stolen credit card and they suspended my account .

    they dont reply email or answer telephone calls.

    so i suggest all of you to send couple of emails try their phone system just to check their customer support before signin any service.

    Ananda Raj Pandey

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    I've been using PayPal for a little over 3 years now. I haven't had a real problem yet. I've used the phone/tech support and gotten through fine and they took care of my concerns right away.

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