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    Off course there is They have a whole bunch of cool templates, but the downside is that many are used on many websites. The price of one to be unique and for them to stop having it hosted on their site is usually around $600. Even then, that particular template has already been downloaded once. So if you want a unique template that has been custom made by someone, and never sold before, I suggest you post in the Template Requests forum:

    Many are sold from $15 to $150. Good luck finding what you want.


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    yeah you could also get thousands of templates on ebay for cheap but not quality

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    Kevin was asking about having a website designed exclusively for him. I think his use of the word template threw you He means original template just for him.

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    there are lot of designer here on forum for doing this.. darkage can find a good deal...

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    If this is for a business website, . . .

    If this is for a business website, I would suggest investing more money on a professional look and feel. Unique site will set you apart immediately from your competition. You will own the rights to all the work.
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    ferrari web templates

    hi i have purchased over 1 gigs of templates monster and boxed art templates but at the moment i short of money what i was interest was to find some ferrari website templates


    also in the website above its shows that this website has been download 5 time how can i found out where this 5 people websites .

    thank you if anyone has any templates meybe wy can exchange some
    sory about my engish i am form greece

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