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    Forum, Domain ( Design the LOT for sale

    Hey guys / gals

    Im planning on selling my Wrestling website

    I have no idea on a price range. All people who are intrested in the below just bid and ill consider your bid. As I said I have no idea on a price. If your not intrested but know about website evaluations etc could you please let me know how much this would sell for. I would be greatful OK here is what you get...

    Domain Names


    Forum (341 Members, 4502 Posts)
    The forum skin is also designed especially for TNAInception. Its not used anywhere else.
    Around 35 - 40 Avatars again created especially for TNAInception.

    Complete website design (PSD's, Images)
    Use of other graphics. Banners (4), Forum logo etc.
    500MB / 4GB Bandwidth until September 2004 (I think?)

    As I said I dont know a price. So please feel free to bid If your not intrested a rough idea on a price would be awesome if possible Thanks alot. Hope to see a few bids. Bid below please. Questions please catch me on AIM sometime: Ccratchford02 or via email [email protected]. Payments via PayPal.

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    Oztrayla Mate!
    I take it the website doesn't receive any income?
    Great Host = Managed VPS Hosting

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    To get the ball rolling...

    I buy vBulletin licenses and vBSEO licenses!

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    I take it the website doesn't receive any income?
    Thats correct. I guess it has potential to receive income if you used AdWord and so forth. I never really thought about it as running the site was more an ambition. Now im having personal problems which are getting me down I cant find the determination to run the website anymore, sadly.


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    When does the auction close?

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    Ah well glad to see somebody was intrested. Sold for $150 dollars


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    Haha, I'm glad you sold.

    The $12 offer was a joke. I think its worth more then $150 but thats your choice.

    Good Luck

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