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    i have that 1and1 preview account

    can i make it into a cs server???

    please direct me to a tutorial or teach me here.. thanks

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    so you have their dedicated server or the shared hosting package?

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    im guessing its just the shared hosting package since its only 500mb... but im not sure

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    is a dedicated server an IP number?

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    then you can't. You need root access, a lot of bandwidth and resources which that doesn't provide.

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    1&1 auto kills custom server side applications binding to shared hosting IPs, the preview package doesn't come with a dedicated IP. UDP traffic is also filtered. So no, you can't run a game server at all (besides the fact that you would need quite a lot more bandwidth and server ressources than what is allowed in the promotional package).

    Get yourself an unmanaged 1&1 server (root server), windows server or have a look elsewhere if you are serious about your intentions.

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