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    Advertising + Publicity.. any ideas?

    I own

    Right now, my prices are dirt cheap. Anyhow, prices will go up once I find some customers!!!

    Where can I advertise and where should I? Low budget here, only around $100

    is google adwords any good? How about

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    Ill move this to the reviews forum for now...

    My thoughts:
    You probably won't see much returns with $100 on either of those.

    Also, don't play the pricing game. If you're going to start dirt cheap, then word will spread, then whenyou raise prices, you may find that without adding any additional value, you'll lose more customers than you gain.

    Try raising your prices and go wtih the local market...

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    thanks for advice. I will raise my prices... atleast if I want to profit, I will

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    Although you had a nice template you riuned it a bit with those huge red fonts. Now to advertising. You could use adwords nicely, and overture as well. Anyway, I'm not sure a hosting company should have adwords or any other 3rd party ads on their site. (the link you gave is a redirect to *************.com)
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