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    paranoid webmin or what

    the saga was 4 weeks now it is 4 months since I have seen a hosting platform that works...shoot me.

    I have sites that need attention (perl needs modification) since we moved them to a buddies high speed line; old friend, young student, works for a publisher and hates bush...profile him and if you look up the word paranoid in the dictionary, there's his picture.

    I learned apache here (started here with those lessons, thanks choon) and then mail enable and in 4 weeks was hosting from home...worked like a charm...but uh, isp got bent so moved it to a dsl line at friends.

    this guy...three login screens to get to the server.

    passwords are cryptic and rotate daily...

    claims 100 hacks from china per day on ip addy...

    i can't get directly to the server but have to go through a pc and vnc in from there.

    vnc isn't always up. i email him to get a session.

    if i am not super nice, the profanity begins in a heartbeat...he's uh, tempermental...

    he's pulled the plug twice in 2 months when I simply asked if there was an easier way to get on, get the job done, get off without using him as a gatekeeper...since he likes to explode if I can't get a session and he's 10 miles away.

    so realistically, don't cha just mount the server, put up a firewall and change the passwords once a month or so? max?

    or should I be thankful he goes to all this trouble yet since I can't work on the sites (4 months now I haven't gotten any LONG session times without something hosing/crashing/not rebooting etc.) would I be better to find a third party with high speed who wants a free server and space and they handle the stuff at their end? what does co-lo cost? any ideas on this?

    would you enshroud your server in so much security your own development team can't work?

    that is the question that is really drilling me right now.
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    I'm one for security but, that much security is just paranoid.

    Look into getting a cheap VPS from a provider like It will serve you better than the box you have now.

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    Just wondering if he's been burnt before? Sounds like he has.
    Have you Floble'd today?

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    Originally posted by Knogle
    Just wondering if he's been burnt before? Sounds like he has.
    Regardless of what has happened before, what he's doing sounds insane to me.

    I agree with LifelessHost, get a VPS. There's plenty of low-cost, high-quality providers. The cost is well worth whatever time you're wasting working with this loon.

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    Does he sleep with a loaded gun under his pillow?
    That guy sounds really unstable!

    I would recommend moving to another provider

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    sorry, but LOL

    if you operating a on-line bank site on your server, go ahead with this guy (and probably request some others techs to protect the server and others to monitor it 24/7)
    otherwise move out

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    The funny thing is all the goofy stuff he is doing probably doesn't increase the security very much, if at all A hack usually comes in the form of a remote exploit - not often is it someone just guessing a user's password and breaking in through SSH. Wonder if he knows what he is doing or if he is just insane in the brain.

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