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    TeleGlobe -- Comments?

    I'm looking to add additional bandwidth carriers and have recently been contacted by TeleGlobe. Since I am not familiar enough with them, and I don't want to take their word alone, I wanted to get other comments and feedback of what others thought about their network and bandwidth.

    I know that TeleGlobe has recently emerged from bankruptcy, and they are an international provider of voice and data services.

    Beyond that, what else can anyone tell me about them? Maybe some current/past experiences? Are they even worth considering?


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    I have not really ever used thier network, but I can tell you they have some sales people that just go around scraping emails from sites, then state they see alot of traffice traversing thier network from yours to try and sell you bandwidth directly.

    Pretty shady sales strategy if you ask me.

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    Teleglobe has never been a major player in the US IP market. Historically their network performance has been extremely poor.

    Teleglobe was acquired a few years ago by BCE (Canadian Phone Company). BCE failed to invest in the company as promised and, instead, dumped Teleglobe when it couldn't afford to pay its bills.

    Teleglobe recently went through bankruptcy. They were forced to sell off their Central and South American operations. Some of their other operations had to be scaled down or sold but I can't remember the exact details.

    I would recommend GBLX instead of Teleglobe.

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    Teleglobe has a fairly major presence, in Canada at least. Plenty of overseas peering, circuits to some of the harder to come by peers (eg. 5 x oc48's to bell/bell nexxia/sympatico), etc.

    From what we can see of their network, it looks fairly promising, and for a Canadian carrier, their recent pricing is quite competitive.

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    I'm thinking of multi-homing with them. They're bigger than I thought, they show up on the Caida Skitter graph (

    Sales guy told me they went public June 1st when they bought ITXC.

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