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    Total NOOB

    Hey there.. We just picked up the Super Gamerz System from and wondered if anyone knows how to install Games on dedicated server and actually make them work? Were at a stand still. We cant figure out how to upload these games and then point one of the domains to the program.. I specifically want to put SOF2 Up there. I know this may be alot, but we got as far as Remote Connection and can see everything on our server. We have created FTP accounts as well to upload the games. What is the method of upload that we should use? (ISO, ZIp, Just the files and folders off the disk etc)

    Once we get a game installed, how do we point an ip address to the game?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    You don't need to 'point a domain to the program'. Simply install the dedicated server software, configure it, and start it. You can then connect and play with the IP address of the server. If you need a walkthrough for Half-Life Dedicated Server, I've written one:

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