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    Something screwy is going on with these forums.

    ReligionBoards has 124 members, and one total post (by the Invision Board installer).

    DesignerBoards has 612 active users (78 members and 535 guests), and only 123 registered users and 441 posts.

    PoliticalBoards looks ok though 65 registered, 492 posts, 5 members active.

    While each scenario is possible, they're highly unlikely ones. Database problems? Do these forums share the same users?

    How large the network is will tell you how much you can sell for.

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    Yes, all the subsite forums under BoardsNetwork share the same member database, as well as other extras, including private messenging.

    Currently, since the sites where just launched yesterday and today, the activity list is set to one day. and will soon be added to the network.

    Undeveloped, how much would you estimate these domain names would sell in a package for?

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    Along with WriterBoards and ArtistBoards, was just aquired today for

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