This promotion is only valid from 30th April - upto - 7th May.

We will be offering you the chance to get a very cheap package of your choice.

As we are new, and have received 10 clients over the last week we are willing to literally drop all the pricing for this 1 week.

Here's what our offer is:

Package - Starter - price: $5 per month - $30 per year

Package - Basic - price: $15 per month - $40 per year

Package - Standard - price: $25 per month - $50 per year

Package - Professional - price: $50 per month - $100 per year

This offer is only available during this week, and this week only whilst we setup our new design.

To view information on our plans please visit -

(No information of this offer is stated on the website as we are currently setting up a new design)

To get one of these packages, please contact our live support area, for instant creation and activation of your accounts.

Live support can be contacted through our main page:

I clearly state, this is only available for this week, and 1 week only!