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    [3d] Professional server Models for sale

    First Impressions can either make your template/website or break it. Why not incorporate something a little different to help make it stand out from the rest?

    I am currently enrolled at college for 3d animation and have 2 years under my belt. I am using the skills I learned there to create professional-looking 3d graphics at a significantly lower price than Professionals would charge.

    I am able to design/model/light/render and fully customize static and animated logos, characters, icons and almost anything you could want or think of.

    Here are some of the recent designs I have done

    recent work

    i am willing to work with you, changing the designs as needed until you are completely satisfied. Here are some of the variations i did for one client

    Logo varitions

    Currently i have 9 (or 3 packages) highly detailed 3d server models up for sale. The colors can be changed at no charge but additional angles are $5 usd each

    Each model is $30 USD or $75 USD for the set of 3
    (prefer to sell as sets)

    Package 1

    Package 2

    Package 3

    What you will receive:
    -Exclusive rights (will NOT be sold again)
    -640x480 with shadows/reflections (unwatermarked)
    -640x480 .TGA file (transparent background)
    -320x240 .TGA file

    (When the images are rendered as .tga files they have an alpha map which means they are easily inserted into any design or template, without having to cut them out)

    (If a set of 3 is purchased you will receive individual packages of files for each of the 3 models)

    please reply here, add me to msn, or email me for prices for custom logos/icons etc or in regards to purchasing a model/set.

    [email protected]

    Thanx for looking,


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    Some very nice models there.

    Shame I just spent all my cash

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    thanx for the kind words..

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    Originally posted by p1az
    Some very nice models there.

    Shame I just spent all my cash
    That is very true. Nice work!

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    package # 2 is sale pending...

    package 1 and 3 are still up for grabs..

    also feel free to pm or email me about custom designs

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