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    How to set up a domain

    Im new at this so I could use some help. I have a subdomain as my site right now. I have set up my site and everything. I recently bought a domain and need to know how to get it to take the place of the subdomain I have right now.

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    like you want it to redirect to the sub domain, or by using DNS??

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    I want it so that it will use the domain instead of the subdomain I have now.

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    if using cPanel use the feature Add-on Domain
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    if not using CPanel (or other panel control...), maybe you can ask your hosting provider to install it or to explain how to install it.

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    yes, the host where you have your subdomain is the one to ask.
    it should be just a matter of changing a few settings and you may have to change the dns at your registrar.

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