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    How do I create a rollover effect with adobe imageready?

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    Very simply put, a rollover is just two images. One is the normal image you see, and the other is the image you see when your mouse moves over it.

    That being said, rollovers (the code) is made in HTML. The code just shows the second image instead of the first when your mouse moves over it.

    Image Ready can make animated images that have the same effect (so that no code is needed), but it is not used often (that I have ever seen).

    Basically, you create a layer with the normal image, and a layer with the second (which will be the over state).

    Then click Window > Rollovers.

    Here you manage the various states by clicking the "Create rollover state" and then turning off one layer and turning on another.
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    Rollovers are made with javascript. If your new to javascript, which deals with rollovers and things like that, I suggest you buy this book:

    Its very easy to understand and doesnt require much HTML knowledge.


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    Er, JS - yes - not thinking clearly there, hehe.
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    On our site we use the CSS rollovers Powi mentions above. Link in sig if you want to take a look. Of course, we also went one stage further and defined the images as background-images in CSS, then used an image replacement technique to display it.
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